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6 Career Possibilities after B. Com

Commerce is one of the most popular fields around the world, and students are converging their interest towards it more every day. There are tons of professionals who are related to the field of commerce. You have several degree options as a commerce B.Com student because the field is vast. Many students have trouble with studying, and therefore they need academic writing help.


There are several degree options that you have in the field of commerce, and out of these options majority of the students opt for B.Com stands for bachelors of commerce and is an undergraduate degree. It is of the most popular options for commerce students around the globe.


 Statistically speaking, nearly 45% of the students who look for academic writing help belong to the commerce field because of its popularity. The field is expanding rapidly, and new applications of the field are increasing every day. However, many people do not do well after their bachelor’s degree because they do not know how to execute it.

There are many B. Com graduates who do not know how to make the most of their degrees which is why they struggle with building a stable career. However, if you are a B. Com graduate, then you can find a good position with proper guidance.


If you are not sure where you can get some tips to land a good job, then do not worry because we have got you covered. We guide students who need academic writing help and, in this article, we will cover the best 7 career positions after doing B.Com.

This list is not going to introduce new fields. However, we will make you realize your spot in fields that you may have overlooked. Let’s go through these careers without further delay!


This should not come as a surprise to you, but the masters of business administration are one of the most popular fields that students opt for after their bachelors in commerce. This degree is popular for students from various disciplines and not just commerce because it increases the chances of a good office position.

The first thing that you need to do if you want to get admission in MBA is that you need to clear a CAT exam. The CAT exam is a Common Admission Test which is compulsory for all students.

It generally includes commerce-related questions, few questions from general knowledge and a Linguistics portion for English.

If you want to maximize your MBA degree, then we suggest that you do it after 2-3 years of experience in your relevant field. There are tons of physical and online institutes where you can get your MBA degree without a problem.

 Students who do MBA tend to earn up to 50 lakh rupees depending on the kind of firm they work for which makes it MBA the leader of our list!


If you have ever looked for academic writing help, then you must surely have come across Chartered Accountancy experts. The biggest difference between MBA and CA is that a student can opt for CA right after high school. However, signing up for CA after your B. Com degree is a lot better. You will have to spend 2 years extra for the B. Com degree, but it is worth it, and we will explain why.

CA comprises three stages, namely CPT, IPCC, and CA Finals. Clearing all three stages along with an internship of 2.5 years makes you a certified chartered accountant.

The duration of CA is three years, but it is likely to land you in multinational companies and give you a secure future.


The next occupation on our list is CS which includes managing on the legal and technical matters of a firm or organization. They usually take care of the tax management tasks for the company to ensure that the company faces no legal problems for tax evasion.

It is a three-year-long degree after doing your B. Com but will get you in the right places and connections in no time. You can earn between 4-6 lacs rupees depending on your expertise if you have this degree.


B.Com is the best option for you if you want to take your B.Com degree to the next level. Some of the students that come to us for academic writing help are doing M.Com. It is one of the most popular fields in current times that students select after their bachelor’s degree.

You can also take this degree ahead for accounting, business management, economics, banking & finance, finance & control, and taxation. So, make sure to look this degree up in your options when you look for your future options.


The next degree on our list is CFA and is a 2.5 years long degree. It is an important field because the expert of CFA can analyze the financial condition of a company well. If you are related to business and commerce, then you know how important it is to analyze the financial precisely.

The analysis helps the company with everything from its assets to the transaction of money. It also helps the company make financial decisions for the future and make the necessary changes to its policies.


If you still didn’t like any of these options that BAT is the one that you will love because of what it is. It is related to accounting and taxation as the name suggests and is a fairly popular field. The best part about pursuing a BAT degree is that it will help you use your B. Com knowledge in practical situations in the best way possible. The average pay of a BAT graduate is around 4 lac rupees however it may differ as per the company that someone works for.

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