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Common Blunders Students Make While Writing Services

Throughout your academic life, you must have written at least a thousand essays. Just because someone has written a lot of sentences in life, this certainly does not mean that they have mastered it. All these years, you might realize making some similar mistakes over and over again. This is what being a human means. There are certain common writing mistakes that almost everyone makes throughout their lives.

These can be the littlest and the most minor errors that could actually turn a great written essay to an absolute disaster. For instance, you are writing an essay over some serious issues, such as poverty, the environment itself, or even politics. Imagine making small grammatical mistakes and citing references without the right attributions. This does not only reduce the credibility of your essay but is also embarrassing for a student or a writer. A recent study was conducted by the US where they reviewed over a thousand articles, essays and written papers, and took out some of the most common mistakes students tend to make.

Regardless if it’s the time for your finals or even a small class assignment, you can not afford to make these mistakes if you aim to become a successful writer in the future. Written accuracy not only benefits students but also boost your confidence in your professional lives. There are different academic writing services that have published articles highlighting these mistakes. Also, the following are some of the common blunder students tend to make. You can go through them, brush up your skills, and try not to make these mistakes again.

Weak Title and Structure

Imagine having an idea of writing something that will not only have a positive impact on your grade but also may impact the world one way or another, and it doesn’t even help you pass the course. The reason being, poor choice of words. Words from which you formed your title of the essay. The title is the first thing that attracts the reader to continue reading your work. Even if you have written a million-dollar essay, you need to focus on the title. It has to be catchy and should get the attention of the reader. Once you have fixed your title, comes the structure.

This is the way your essay or work is organized. There has to be no ambiguity and you need to follow a proper structure. A relevant tip to maintain your structure would be to use the point, reason, example, point. The idea is self-explanatory, but in layman terms, you can start with the idea you are proposing, the reason for its importance, and its example. Giving examples is very important and it strengthens your point.


Admit it, at least once in our lives we have been guilty of this crime. Plagiarizing is one of the most common actions a student takes to meet deadlines, eliminate stress, or even due to procrastination. Plagiarizing your work does not only mean using the internet and copying the work in your name. It could be your friend’s work or borrowing past students’ work. This is because not only does this eliminate learning, but the chances of being caught are very high. If you choose to copy from the internet, there is no way your professor won’t catch you because of the new software that immediately catches copied work with references.

Also, if you use student work or some past students’ assignments, you would still be caught eventually. This is because professors are experienced professionals who were once students themselves, therefore knowing all the tips and tricks. Also, every student has their own set of writing, which changes as soon as you decide to copy someone else’s work. You could use the help of academic writing services instead of cheating.

Incorrect Grammar and Punctuation

This has been the mistake of almost every student for almost since the beginning of time. Unintentionally or for almost so many reasons, the error of grammar and punctuation still exists regardless of being highlighted so many times. The biggest reason for this blunder is the lack of proof-reading skills in students nowadays.

They are so eager to just get done with the work, that they don’t care about proofreading the work they are sending. You should always proofread your paper before submitting it. There is almost a 70% chance that you will find unintentional errors that need some fixing. There are certain tips and tricks that you need to keep a check on in order to identify your errors. The rule of commas, full stops, dashes alongside commas, colons, and semicolons is very important. If you are too lazy to recheck the whole paper, you can start small by checking your sentences.

Many students use semicolons because it looks fancy on an essay. A semicolon is only used when there is additional information to provide the statement written beforehand. If you are submitting a hand written project or a typed one, there are certain formatting requirements that need to be fulfilled for a better presentation of your work. Don’t lose marks over such minor mistakes. You can contact professional academic writing services and take a second opinion over your work as well, or you can ask them to help.

Superficial Style

If you are writing a story that has the option of using your imagination in it, then feel free to write and create ideas no matter how bizarre they seem. Although, with professional reports and article writing, your essay needs to be readable to become popular. A readable work is something that has been written after careful consideration, research, and thorough analysis. You need to carefully choose your topic, brainstorm it, and think about what would be writing beforehand to give it a structure and not lose track. Your work should contain facts that are both logical and universally accepted. Every project has a specific amount of word count.

Don’t try to stuff your well-written essay with meaningless stuff just to meet your word limit. To make sure this does not happen, before you start writing and after you conduct your brainstorming, sketch it on your paper instead of just doing it mentally. This will help you remember what to write, including the facts, and try not to just stuff information for the sake of the word count. You could always go for another topic if you are in doubt about the quality against the quantity.

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